The Carpenters Tribute
featuring Michelle Whited
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The Carpenters Tribute Member Bios

Michelle - lead vocal
Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Michelle established her passion to sing. During high school, she led her first band through statewide productions and achieved awards for various vocal performances. She obtained a scholarship at a private university, having composed a ballad she also sang. Ongoing publicity brought her contracts with regional bands, selected jazz ensembles, and solo appearances throughout the west. She was solicited for the U.S. Air Force Orchestra as a lead vocalist. Michelle has performed for professional sport teams, including the prior SuperSonics, Seattle Seahawks, Portland Trailblazers, and LA Laker pre-game events. Many of these events were attended by notable celebrities. She has recorded in LA and Chicago, and currently, given her genre diversity, maintains an active schedule as a freelance singer in the region. Michelle was introduced to a Carpenters' recording, which in part influenced her to perform a specific song, "Bless the Beast & the Children," enhancing support for Child Protective Services and the Humane Society. Her rendition was received with a standing ovation.
Tom - keyboard/piano
Tom Tomasello is a versatile music producer, arranger and pianist. As with many fans Tom grew up with the Carpenter's music. He studied and learned from Richard Carpenter's compelling orchestration and proficient piano playing. Those skills he expanded upon, allowing him to make a successful living in the music industry today. Tom's projects include original score creation, orchestration and editing for the U.S. Olympic Synchronized Swim Team since 2004. He has produced, arranged and performed for many San Francisco area artists and theatrical companies. Tom was moved by Karen Carpenter's beautiful voice, and fell in love as a young man listening to songs such as "Close To You" & "Sometimes," a highlight song at his wedding. He has worked with notable artists including: Louie Bellson (world renown jazz drummer), Martha Reeves ("Dancing in the Street"), Shiela E. (The Glamorous Life), The Temptations ("My Girl") and Al Green. Tom has the honor of working with Michelle Whited and The Carpenter's Tribute group today as music director and pianist.
Ike - bass
Originally from N. Carolina, Isaiah played his first bass guitar in junior high. Spurred by excitement of the "new" Mersey beat music coming from Great Britain, his interests broadened to embrace bluegrass, gospel, southern rock and mainstream pop. His interpretive bass methods emphasize on melodic as well as rhythmic qualities imperative to the foundation of the rhythm section sound on stage. Performing in the tribute, Ike has a newfound appreciation for Joe Osborn in particular; the long time "wrecking crew" recording enthusiast.
Gary - drums
A percussionist since high school, Gary toured with show bands performing on drums and vibraphone throughout the southern U.S. before completing his BFA degree at Syracuse University. Gary is now employed as an art director while also enjoying his passion to perform live. Since joining the group, he has acquired a keen appreciation of The Carpenter's sensitive arrangements, particularly the drumming styles of studio great Hal Blaine as well as that of the accomplished Karen Carpenter.
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Jason - woodwinds
A native of Northern California, Jason has been on the Sacramento music scene since 2004. His talents as a gifted multi-nstrumentalist, composer, and educator, have enabled him to perform at countless clubs, festivals, and concert venues. Both a band leader and player throughout the West coast, Jason has been featured on many albums. He has toured the west with the Andrew Heringer Band, and shared stages with artists such as, Ingrid Jenson, Dave Pietro, Wycliffe Gordon, and Wayne Bergeron. He is often called upon as a guest artist and is routinely in collaboration with other artists who perform his originals. Jason appreciates the intricate arrangements and the many woodwind accents The Carpenters utilized throughout their recordings.
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Ryan - electric guitar
Ryan learned his first song,..a Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young's "Helplessly Hoping" at 14. He's been connected to his guitar since, studying many notable songs and styles. Ryan has enjoyed becoming familiar with the Carpenters' arrangements, realizing the intricate fills and all-soothing melodies. The tribute spotlight shifts upon him in particular, while he delivers the famous Tony Peluso guitar lead featured in "Goodbye to Love." Ryan has a deep appreciation for the musical variety the Carpenter's recorded, alongside the showmanship that Tony Peluso himself, contributed to their live performances worldwide.
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